A Trip To The Loo

For anyone not already in the know, a loo here in the UK is slang for toilet. While my new bathroom has one of those, it’s so much more than I initially envisioned when John said that he was building me a room of my own and a bathroom too. I have not done much of the physical work beyond painting and decorating, but I have had the final say in every aspect with the exception of the bathtub’s location. Based on the size I wanted, it could only go in one way and John did a great job making everything fit. He designed the shower in the master bath to accommodate a few more inches in mine since the two bathrooms are back to back. My goal was to make my bathroom unfussy, attractive, and functional without overwhelming the space and I love how it turned out.

The wall color is called Treacle Delight and it’s actually slightly warmer looking than in this image. As much as I love this space, there are a few quirks I want to explain because they’re the kind of things I would probably notice and say, ” I wonder why she did that? “

So in anticipation of some possible questions you may have, here are a few answers in advance. I made a change in the toilet placement that required a box (shelf behind toilet) to cover some of the pipes because the major lines were in place and couldn’t be moved. The creative angle of the toilet paper holder is necessary to because I wanted it on that side and it is too tight to go in the regular way. The last thing I might have done differently is the placement of the radiator. I thought that I would have the bath towel rails hanging above it so the towels might be warmed by its heat, but after the radiator was in place, I decided I wanted the towel rails on the other side of the bathroom. It was too late to move the radiator by then.  A clear plus to having the radiator on the side near the toilet becomes obvious on a cold morning.

I chose the art for this room carefully. The painting and ceramic face you see are two art pieces that I brought from America. I took a large stick from the moor, shaped it up to suit my needs and attached some stems from a cotton plant to echo the rows of cotton in the silkscreen print above.

‘Spirits of the Field’ is the work of my friend Mollye Daughtry, who hails from Alabama, but calls Atlanta home.

The face is one I bought from Michael Barnes, an artist I met in 2004 at The Dogwood Festival in Atlanta Georgia. I noticed on his website, that he will be back this year in a booth at The Dogwood Festival. Look for him if you get a chance and please say hello for me.

Here you can see the repurposed window John used so my space could have more light. Because there are no windows to the outside, these two (the second one is on the other side of the door) provide borrowed light that makes the space seem larger and brighter.

Initially I wanted subway tile in my bathtub area, but all could find were large tiles. I discovered this subway tile look and thought it really worked. (It’s a Laura Ashley tile)

I had the mirrors over the sink made to order (from an online site) and wanted to have two of them for several reasons. One was that I wanted to give the impression that two people could use the sink at the same time even though it will just be me. I’ll show you the second reason later. (notice the other window)

John made the sink stand for me based on my loose directions. I gave him a couple of photographs of some I liked from the internet and asked him to modify and merge them into one for me. I love what he was able to create.  Oh … and my white waste bin in the corner is glass, so if you’ve over for a visit … please be careful what you drop in it. John put all the hardwood floors in as well.

I love the back ledge on the sink. I am still looking for just the right soap dispenser.

I picked these out too. John likes them because they’re energy-efficient.

The sink came with these hand towel holders which I’m using until I decide if I want something else. I think I’m going to stick with these.

Now … back to those mirrors. When the addition was built, my bathroom wall was part of the old exterior wall and had a window in it. John suggested we use the window inset to create a bathroom medicine cabinet even though it only extended about halfway behind the mirrored space.

The cabinet is behind the mirror on the right.

It is a deep, tall, space … perfect for hiding all my stuff.

A last look … what do you think?

14 thoughts on “A Trip To The Loo

  1. oh my word Elizabeth, you are a lucky lucky lady. What I would give to have a bathroom like that.. we are working on our house, but with hubby away most of the time, it is not getting done 😦

  2. Elizabeth and John, what an exquisite bathroom. Oh la la. I love the quirky art, the warm color and the sink, stand and mirrors. it all flows so well (no pun intended). But I do have one question. When we traveled to the UK, hotels and b&bs have the glass partition that only covers half the tub. Um, we made a mess and always had to use towels so as to not flood the floor. What were we doing wrong? shower wise it seems that it is inevitable to spray the room with the water that deflects off as you wash. Sorry if it is too silly of a question but I noticed that you also have such a styled shower/bath.

  3. I am honored Elizabeth. I love my work on that wall. What a beautiful bathroom, quite a large one for a Euro-loo.

  4. Very posh, indeed. I like the hidden medicine cupboard, an inspired design solution, the cotton picking up the cotton in the picture, likewise. And coving in your bathroom, too, something a lot of people just don’t bother with any more. Very nicely and elegantly done.

  5. I love the Zen quality of your new bathroom. I have a small bathroom in this old Tudor (built in 1926) too, and recently updated it with a few fresh accessories that remind me of trips to France (and the inspiring style of French women). It’s amazing what a coat of paint and imagination can do, isn’t it? Oh, and your artwork is gorgeous also — love the face on the wall!!

  6. wow this is so incredible. but i knew it would be. i love all of it. so light and pretty.
    i’ll have check out that artist. the Dogwood Festival is one of my favorite events of spring. can’t wait.

  7. The whole room is wonderful, but I am seriously in love with that sink. *sigh*

    I like your style. Clean, yet full of character touches, like the face.

    Very nice!

    I started life in Zimbabwe where a toilet was a PK (Picanin Kayah – small house). Spelling is iffy – I was a child the last time I used those words.

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