London Marathon 2010 – Oh My Aching Feet

Let me begin by saying that while I have run several marathons in the past, I watched this one from the sidelines on Sunday. John and I went to London a few days ago to watch his eldest daughter run in the London Marathon. She did really well finishing with a great time proving that proper training can make for a better race. We walked all over the race course covering at least 13 to 14 miles ourselves hoping to catch a glimpse of her, but with no luck.

Normally, I could cover this much ground without repercussions, but my shoes let me down badly making me miserable after about 7 miles. I had worn them before for city treks, but I was nursing big blisters on the balls of both feet by the time we made it back to the hotel. Ouch!

It was pretty exciting to be on the spectator side and be able to snap photographs and shout encouragement to the runners. Tower bridge was packed with people and I had trouble getting high enough to snap exactly what I wanted unlike this guy who was way up high on the bridge.

Not everyone was watching the race. I caught the guy below catching up on some email.

I ran out of water during our London walk about unlike the runners below who seemed to have a sip and then toss the rest. During races in the US, water is usually in an open cup making it easier and less wasteful than the bottles that Nestle was giving to runners.

Although there were crowds everywhere,

the London police ( in yellow) had things well under control …

making sure everyone who wanted to … could make it to this location …

or this one if you needed medical help.

This time I was glad to be like this little guy, watching from the sidelines.

Unlike this one though, I was too tired from walking all day to have much appetite.

After it was over, you could spot the runners sporting shirts with LonDone on it and hear people saying in passing to them, well done!

4 thoughts on “London Marathon 2010 – Oh My Aching Feet

  1. Hi Elizabeth, well first of all let me say Congratulations to John’s daughter for taking part and doing the London Marathon.. but also well done to you also for doing marathons ! 🙂

    I have a few friends (bloggers) that do running and there is no way I could run… ( they say everyone can run) .. It seems to me at the moment that lots of over 40’s have started running.. not a bad thing at all, and if you don’t try it, you are losing it out. .. !

    Such a shame about your shoes letting you down 😦 you managed to get some great photos though.. 🙂 thanks for sharing,

  2. Looks amazing! Great photos as well. I love the one of the squirrel. I’d love to add you to my links on my blog if that’s ok. I love reading your blog!

  3. What a pity about your shoes. But the will was there, and so was the effort. Rest them feet, they will be thankful.

    Also why is it that photographers so often wear combat trousers ..are they telling us something we don’t know?!

  4. Nestlé is the most boycotted company in the UK over its marketing of baby milk and by sponsoring the marathon was trying to improve its image, while also promoting its Pure Life brand of water (which is controversial for various reasons) and try to force runners to break their boycott.

    Baby Milk Action has already been contacted by people who suffered through not wanting to take Nestlé water. Why don’t the organisers provide tap water – in cups a you suggest?

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