RSS Feed – Like Getting A Letter From A Friend

I have been using Google Reader for longer than I can remember and at present there are 242 subscriptions that I currently read or have read in the past on a regular basis. I was shocked to see how many there are actually, but as I have them all neatly organized by subject matter or in cases by location such as UK, NZ, and US friends, I never noticed how many I had tucked away for safekeeping.

I’ve got headings for Art, Travel, Money and Investing, Photography, and Writing, UK expats in the US, and vice versa, along with some folks in a group so small that I put them together under India & Turkey. There’s a food section and heading for health topics and something I call Decorating Stuff that I no longer spend much time looking over since we finished the extension to the house. There are loads more groupings that I won’t bother to go into because what I really want to say has to do with something I have recently discovered.

It’s more of a realization really … as long as I’ve been reading blogs I have always resisted the subtle or not so subtle messages to click on the RSS button as noted in my top right corner or the email subscription found slightly lower down the page because in my mind I did not want it ‘cluttering’ up my inbox. I thought, No thanks, I’d rather visit you rather than have you just dropping in unannounced, and I must admit it has worked really well for me and I’ve not felt a need to change it.

Until recently that is … when I clicked on the very subtle, almost hidden, subscribe button of someone I never like to miss. She had been away from blogging for a few months as she was off doing more important things like building houses andย reuniting families. When she popped back up in my google reader after being gone so long, I was ‘over the moon’ happy to see her again. During her absence, I’d followed her on Facebook and Twitter, but it just wasn’t the same as the longer bits on her blog that always felt like letters from a friend.

It wasn’t until her next posting and those that followed that I began to see the real merit for me in subscribing. Rather than my going to her place to catch up or share a thought, she pops into my inbox now just like any of my friends would. It always makes me smile to see what Jen Lemen has to say and given how much I enjoy seeing her mail arrive, I may just have to subscribe to a few more folks who have a similar effect on my moods and attitude.

I’m curious as to how you find the blogs you enjoying reading more than once or twice, do you bookmark, subscribe, use Google reader or something else perhaps? I’d be especially interested in how you find your way to my place and as always, thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to comment.

12 thoughts on “RSS Feed – Like Getting A Letter From A Friend

  1. I think I found you through Pioneer Woman. I look at what my favorite bloggers like reading (sometimes on the sidebar) and check out their favorites. Also when there are awards I check out the winners. I always add the ones I like to my favorites so I don’t forget them. I’ve found great blogs in several continents that way! I love reading about lives in other areas. Also like reading food blogs as I like to cook. My family is used as guinea pigs for my new recipes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. For some reason I like your blog – always interesting. I only keep up with a few blogs – some I have on my bloglist on my pray4Israel blog and some I keep memorized like (my niece) and (a young mom in Israel) who I don’t know – just found her blog somehow. Your blog entries come to my e-mail and I may subscribe to a few more that way. Jill

  3. I used to use Google Reader, but as I’ve cut back on blogging I try to use my blogroll and there are fewer and fewer blogs that I keep up with, including yours. Actually, the Networked Blogs feature on Facebook is one way that I am gently reminded of some of my favorite blogs — that’s often how I end up here. And I’m always glad that I’ve stopped by.

  4. I love this thought that they pop into your mailbox like a friend–I haven’t subscribed to any blogs, though I read several either daily or weekly. But I just subscribed to yours!

  5. I never had read blogs until I started reading yours, and now I read several. Your blog was introduced to me by a co-worker who met you (in person) at an Atlanta book store. I enjoy your blog so much that I keep my eye out for other blogs I might enjoy.

  6. Well I bookmark quite a few and then I am a “snob”, I guess, and only put a few (yours is there of course) on my blog’s blog roll. Hmmm, how did I find you? Let’s see….so, sad, I have no idea. But I remember you were sharing some about meeting John and beautiful Cornwall and I just had to come back to hear more. Then I feel I have gotten to know you through those tales and just enjoy the “visitin’ with a friend”. I find blogs, most typically by reading the comments of some of my faves, and recognizing some names over and over again. There are some great people out there…heehee.

  7. I just found bloglines via Kelly…and found your blog via the class list. Your life is fascinating to me because you jump in with both feet and know how precious life is…and how important following your flirts are. That is why I subscribed…

  8. I found you through a comment left at Chookooloonks, but there’s no way I could say how long ago that was. I’ve been reading the both of you for years. Usually stop by each and every day.

    I subscribe to only 2 blogs through Google Reader. There are many in my Bookmarks, and I make an effort to look at each one at least once a week. I’m still of the thought that I will go look when I want to.

  9. I use Google reader to book mark .. and the others I have in my favourites, if I want to go back to them and the rest are on my blog roll….

    I found you through Carolyn (Sydney) and Kim Sassy .. when we were in Paris a year ago in April .. when I met up with other bloggers and expats ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I have to do something about the amount of blogsI follow too…Gosh the list keeps on growing!

    But it’s ohh so nice to get all my subscription right into my inbox..

  11. I found my way here via a Blogging and now FB friend of mine, Anne in Oxfordshire.

    I really enjoyed the lovely post about the church and John and Elizabeth and was also interested to read that you have the Blogs you follow in Google reader subject folders. Maybe that is something I need to work out how to do, as my list seems to be growing ever longer, and now I have another to add yours ๐Ÿ™‚

    I mainly use Google reader as I felt it was easier to have them all in one place, but I do have some subs straight to my inbox and then there is Networked Blogs as well. Oh dear too many good blogs out here!!!

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