Protecting Your Eyesight In The Veggie Patch – Lessons Learned From A Gracious Gardener

I took this photograph in mid April when my friends Mike and Rebecca were putting their garden into the ground. My intention that day had been focused around getting some shots of an unusual magnolia tree in their back garden, but after finding the natural light a bit too dark to get a good exposure, I moved on intent on seeing what else might be interesting and different to photograph. I’d been asking questions as I went, about the plants and the expectations that they hoped for in return for their labor and it didn’t take long for my inexperience and ignorance about gardening to become quickly apparent.

As I stepped up to the raised bed in the image above I thought to myself, Alright … I know this one, now I can at least show her I am not a total goof when it comes to growing things. I turned to Rebecca and said kind of casually in a voice that sounded like I thought I knew exactly what I was talking about, ” So you’ve got those plastic cups on those stakes to scare away the birds huh, does it work? ” To which Rebecca said something I remember as,” Not exactly, but they do keep us from poking an eye out when we lean in to work on the plants.”

7 thoughts on “Protecting Your Eyesight In The Veggie Patch – Lessons Learned From A Gracious Gardener

  1. My husband was just saying the other day that we needed to put some sort of bright shiny tape around the garden poles, but this is way better idea. Thanks!

  2. I’m surprised the wind doesn’t blow them away. Were they heavier than they looked? I have a container garden as I have so much shade in my yard there is no place to plant a real garden. I have lots of tomatoes and peppers growing, plus some herbs and flowers. I have trained my cucumbers up a mostly dead little tree and also have squash growing in buckets!

  3. Those would not last long with our prairie wind sweeping down the plains.
    I’d be inclined to tie some bright red or yellow yarn tassels to serve the purpose.

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