7 thoughts on “My Father & Me

  1. I remember Gene coming by my mom and dad’s house to pick up Jenny. Even as a teenager and not paying too much attention to “adults”, he would always say something to me and I remember that. He was a sweet soul!

    I remember spending the night at your house and your dad and Cullene always made me feel at home!

    After church this morning, we went over to mom and dad’s to eat lunch with them. It was a nice visit. I cherish those moments many of us take for granted.

    Those moments make our memories, so hold on to them!

    love ya!

    P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads! Create Memories!

  2. Hello Elizabeth .. I don’t think you need to say anymore… those words say it all.. .. I miss my dad too.. 42 years ago he passed,… take care and have a good week xx

  3. My father and I are estranged for some obscure reason and have not spoken since a family funeral in 2001.
    It is something I think about often.
    His living in Thailand and not taking calls makes my efforts fruitless and disheartening – a loss is a loss whether living or not and your memories are precious.

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