A Last Look Back

In the small village where John and I live I’m becoming known for almost always having a camera in hand and some people will actually comment if they see me without one. I don’t think it took our July 4th guests, Jamie and Barbara long to see that visiting us meant most moments were likely to be documented. Here’s a last look at a few more images I captured during their stay.

I was standing in the hallway at Lanhydrock shooting this image when Jamie walked by and I caught him looking at the mirror on the wall below.

That’s me in the reflection, but due to flash restrictions it’s a bit grainy from shooting in low light.

Barbara, Jamie and John walking towards the old caretakers cottage on the Lanhydrock property.

Barbara and Jamie standing at the signpost for the Rumps which we walked first and Port Quin which we walked later that afternoon. Please notice that the arrows point in opposite directions … we did a lot of walking that day.

Jamie set off at a good pace right behind John while I waited for Barbara who you can just make out in the right hand corner.

Not too steep yet …

Now this is a bit steeper. Can you see the ant-like figures of Jamie and Barbara in the center of the photograph? (click on it to enlarge)

More color from another direction.

The dragon looking piece of land in the center is known as The Rumps.

Barbara and Jamie take a seat near the Laurence Binyon memorial in front of The Rumps.

Here’s one of us sitting in the same spot.

A few of my favorite cuties or ” dinner ” as John would say.

Looking back from Polzeath in the direction of the Rumps.

The beach at Polzeath in the distance. (click to enlarge)

Cottage at Port Quin (click on to see the barking dog)

Looking back at Polzeath

John, Jamie, and Barbara on Jubilee Rock with what looks like a stormy sky behind them.

Notice the carvings on the rock … according to a site called, Oliver’s Cornwall ” The massive 8 foot high granite boulder was said to have been carved by Lt. John Rogers to celebrate the 1810 golden jubilee of King George III. If Rogers was the carver he must have been a skilled mason as the detail of all the work in still crisp after almost 200 years. All is apparently original except for an 1897 addition for Victoria’s golden jubilee. Detail includes Britannia, the Royal and Cornish coats of arms and those of local families, a plough, and two mason’s marks, a compass and square.”

The whole of the rock is covered in carvings including the top where they’re standing.

This cool picture of them is one of John’s photographs and was taken from the top and backside of the Jubilee Rock.

No trip to our little village is complete without a quick visit to the buttercup field (even though there are few buttercups left in July) and a photo at the footbridge that crosses the water and leads to it. So we’re saying goodbye here to Jamie and Barbara and hoping that the rest of their UK visit goes well. Safe travels.

10 thoughts on “A Last Look Back

  1. Hi Elizabeth.. you certainly have lots of fun with friends and John out walking and seeing wonderful sights.. all looks fab šŸ™‚

  2. Great, great great pictures. One day I hope to be walking these same walks and take in the view with all my senses because it is definitely a treat for the eyes. Thank you and bon voyage to your friends.

  3. Love the sheep picture! Love it! I mean the pictures of you and John and your friends and the rock and cliff are great but I really really love the sheep picture!

  4. Stopping by to visit your blog is an armchair vacation for me complete with a delicious dessert! I always leave refreshed visually and spiritually satisfied! Now MY favorite photo from this post is the first – reflections in the mirror. Keep up the good work my friend!

  5. Fantastic shots, Elizabeth…what a great day out and about..I especially love the shot of the sheep…and also the shot of you and John with your arm tucked in with his…so romantic!!!!

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