Power Shots & Love Lines

Earlier this year while John was driving us to Tenby Wales, I spotted this sight and I shouted something like, ” Stop, please … I want to take a picture! ” Being the patient and accommodating man that he is, John pulled the car over so I could take a couple of shots that would probably not appeal to many.

I pulled these two photographs today because they reminded me of how often John puts my needs first even when he’d rather be doing something else. He’s been busy lately helping me get ready for my upcoming trip to my home in Atlanta, Georgia where I’ll soon be for the next few weeks.

He’s been patient and calming even when travel worries have left me a bit stroppy. I love some of the new words I discovered after moving here. Stroppy is a perfect description for my mood lately and I think it’s because I’m really going to miss him. As an independent, space loving woman, this represents a big shift for me.

Even though we’ve only been together for about two and half years I’ve come to love sharing my time with him. I still need of lot of time to myself, but there’s something really easy about the way we move in each other’s lives and space and if we were dancing, I’d say we had definitely mastered the steps.

Of course I’ll have fun on my trip home to the US and it’s going to be good to spend time with Miranda and Cullene and the rest of my family and friends, but now while any family gathering is still sweet, not having him there to share it makes it feel a bit incomplete.

I’m not gone yet, but soon I’ll be writing from the other side of the Atlantic where the high temperatures and humidity may be just enough to distract me from missing him too much.

I’ve already scheduled a run/walk/hike with a blogger friend, Jules who John and I met on the TMB a couple of years ago along with her husband. If you’re reading me from Georgia and want to meet up to say hello, you can leave me a message here and I’ll get in touch with you. We don’t have to brave the heat like Jules and I will be doing … I am content to sit in a cool air-conditioned space and drink iced coffee with you instead.

8 thoughts on “Power Shots & Love Lines

  1. I understand how you feel. I was completely single until 30, and I do enjoy my alone time and would never be bored on my own…but my choice is always to be with my David and kiddos. I hope you travel is peaceful, and joyful. Please be safe.

  2. “Stroppy” IS a great word.

    I’m also independent and strong-willed. Finding a husband who gives me room, who makes dinner when he sees I’m buried in a project, who sees me as I am and likes me that way is an amazing gift. It sounds like you have found that as well. My husband and I are both oldest children and have had many battles of the will. I think it took a few years for us to miss each other when we were gone! It was too ‘nice’ to go back to doing things our own way. After 13 years though, it feels like part of my being is missing when he’s gone.

    Have a great time stateside!

  3. I am not a dancer but love your analogy of having mastered the steps of the marriage dance. Very much. I relate to much of what you say about needing your own space but also craving the company of your partner. I genuinely enjoy spending time with my husband, we share common interests and always have great conversations or relax in each others silences. We have also had our challenges but they almost always were caused by issues we had within ourselves, not with each other. Anyway, I am glad you stopped by my new blog to say Hi! It is good to be back on here, too, I always so enjoy your essays and musings, and especially your photos of your life in England 🙂 Kxo

  4. You’re fitting in like a good ‘un. The other day you were “knackered” as well – I was wondering how many readers Stateside were scratching their heads on that one!

    Your pylons pic was my cup of tea, as you can see from the ‘Road trip!” post I put up a few days ago with a pylon pic in it. The people in yours is a nice touch.

    Enjoy your self whiel in Georgia and in the USA. I hate travelling, at least the packing part. I can never find anything (time for the big sort at home), find it hard to work out what to bring, and generally become as user firendly as a cornered rat. I am also met wth patience, entirely undeserved. Once on the road, I am fine. I have learned to watch people. The mixture of missing dear ones in far places but going to a place of good friends is also a tussle.

  5. yep, that’s a good man! 🙂 letting you stop to take these very cool photos. you’re probably right that not many would have stopped, but you definitely found the art there!

    thank u so much for the nice comment on my blog- made my day! 🙂

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