Oh Atlanta – An English Rock Band Sings Me Home

Georgia State Capital

In March of 1979, the English rock band Bad Company released their fifth album, Desolation Angels which contained a song that many Atlantans may recognize called, ” Oh Atlanta.” For those born too late to have caught the Bad Company version, Allison Krauss included it on a CD of hers in 1995 along with covers of some of her other favorites.

By April of 1979 I was on my way to basic training leaving home at eighteen after joining the US Army right around the time ” Oh Atlanta ” hit the southern airwaves. The irony now is not lost on me that a song I fell in love with 31 years ago was written about my hometown by an English band that I loved as a teenager. While I dreamed a lot of dreams growing up, the one I am living now was never one I considered back then.

As my flight leaves my home in England for my old one in Atlanta, there’s at least one song I know I’ll be listening to once we are airborne. I’ve been humming it for days now and if you’d like to have a listen you can click on the link below.

Oh, Atlanta, hear me calling, I’m coming back to you one fine day.

~ Mick Ralphs

10 thoughts on “Oh Atlanta – An English Rock Band Sings Me Home

  1. You were in the army??? WOW! Hope your return trip to this side of the pond is a good one. Will look forward to hearing all about it! Happy and safe travels!!!!

  2. Allison Krauss did a great job with it! I was thrilled to find you’d left a comment on my photo of my Boston Terrier, Bea. She’s not really a miniature, she’s just going to be a small Boston. I’ve read your blog for a few weeks now and love it! Thanks so much for sharing all the beauty with us.

  3. Dear Elizabeth – I’m hoping I’m not too late to send my wishes for your safe trip across the pond. Just back from New England and Canada and trying to catch up in this heatwave. Hope Atlanta will cool off a bit for your visit – doubtful though knowing our southern Summers! Wish so such I could get down your way to meet you………perhaps another time……….or maybe even when I come home to Devon hopefully next Spring.

    Have fun while home here…….I’m enjoying your recent posts, the animals, birds, friends and your village and coastal walks. The 4th party looked like fun – we were in New Hampshire, country town parade in 103 degrees, fireworks and family celebrating with us so it was enjoyable.

    Bon voyage.
    Fondly, Mary

  4. I’ve just recently discovered your gold mine of a blog. Devon and Cornwall are two of my favorite parts of England and your pictures are wonderful. I’ve traveled all over England/UK and always remember those two areas as being beautiful and peaceful and relaxing. You lucky girl to live there!

  5. Safe travels, good meetings with all your friends and family wherever they are.

    John, not too much lamb while she’s away….

  6. know this feeling so well…transitioning back to Arizona from Germany at the end of the week. Germany was where I was born and it was HERE I truly claimed my identity as ARTIST…

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