Change And Possibility

I becomes we

and then you and I

and then just you

and then just I.

~ e.e. harper

In the process of writing a post for today I think I wrote a tiny poem. I don’t write poetry and I am afraid I have not read much either so I am not even sure this could be called a poem, but here is for you to consider.

Of course I have a story that goes with it, but in looking at the words and rolling them around on my tongue I thought about all the possibilities and different stories that any of us could create from the sixteen words above.

If you come back later I’ll share one story with you … the one that inspired it.

(Having both a first and middle name that begin with E, I could not resist signing my work in the manner of a real poet.)

11 thoughts on “Change And Possibility

  1. Nice poetry e.e. One line shorter and you’d have a haiku!
    I recognise the sculpture from paradise. I will mail you re: next week.

  2. When I first clicked on this I thought it was a Pedi Egg. Imagine my relief when I noticed it’s a sculpture.

    I write poetry and have had some poems published. Cummings rocks, though. He is The Man.

    Here’s one of my lame efforts at haiku, which was actually published in the UGA literary magazine:

    Brain fried
    stir thoughts
    take a wok.

    I know, you’re bent over laughing…

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