When Friends Come To Visit

John & Elizabeth - Bedruthan Steps - August 2010

When friends come to visit you have an opportunity to see things a bit differently than you normally might. John and I have had our picture taken here before, but only on a self-timer. When my friends David and Steven arrived last Friday from Atlanta by way of London, we had a chance to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes.

I love the picture above that Steven took of us at Bedruthan Steps. You may remember that this is the spot John took me to right after I stepped off the plane in Cornwall when we first met face to face on Valentine’s Day in 2008. Below is the picture that preceded the one above where John is looking a bit sweet and bashful.

There were a series of others like this where the spontaneity could not have been captured using the self-timer on my camera and I’m glad Steven was there to snag them. We managed to squeeze a lot of the Cornish experience into their visit beginning with a lunch of pasties made by me. David took the three pasty pictures below.

Steven & David

You can’t see it very well, but Steven and David are holding up score cards giving my pasties a 10 and a 9. They were playing around, but they did eat every bite so I think they really liked them. I also made two blackberry/apple crumbles and three blackberry cobblers along with a key lime pie. Blackberries are everywhere right now and I’ve picked over fifteen pounds so far. Most of the berries are in the freezer, but I couldn’t resist making a few sweets to share with our guests.

Photo Credit - David Morris

After lunch we were off to Lanhydrock which is our closest National Trust property and perfect for a rainy day.

Photo Credit - David Morris

If you look closely into the reflection on the silver serving dish cover, you can see me with my new camera and Steven off to the right.

After a look around for some rainy day headgear (the one David is holding won’t do at all) we take a look outside to see if the rain has slowed enough to have a walk around the grounds.

We move outside to see what we can find in the gardens around Lanhydrock.

I managed to capture this leaf and the church below with my new camera with no worries about the rain as it’s waterproof, a valuable quality when living in a country where we don’t let a little rain keep us inside. (Panasonic DMC-TS2)

David is using his new Canon G11 which is the other camera I wanted. ( I know … I’m greedy when it comes to camera gear.)

Only one more shot and we’re off to our next location.

If you come back tomorrow, I’ll show you more of our journey around Cornwall.

13 thoughts on “When Friends Come To Visit

  1. SIGH….I want to be there! Love Cornwall. Love England. Love pasties. Love English food. You’re a lucky lady!

  2. Hi Elizabeth —

    Nice to re-live it all again… Thank you!

    I love that photo I took of you and John (your profile pic)… it is one of those “don’t pose so much” moments that is just perfect!


  3. I love these pictures. I have fond memories of drizzly castle visits outside Aberdeen, Scotland.

    I’m impressed you can make pastries by hand! I’m very hungry now…

  4. What lovely photos, and I especially love the ones of you and John — what a handsome couple, you two! I was lucky enough to visit Cornwall a few years ago with my husband and son. Thanks for the photo tour that revived those happy memories. Hope you’ve had a great summer!

  5. I think those chaps are going to roll, not walk, home! Looks like a great misty cornish day to go exploring in. Digging the new camera, too.

    (*waves, jetlagged to smithereens, from up the M3…*)

  6. oh, what a fairytale castle! BTW I’m very fond of Cornish pasties….there’s nothing lke them in the whole world is there? Beautiful photos as usual, Elizabeth!

  7. Elizabeth, my friend, with your pasties and crumbles you are ONE AWESOME WOMAN!!

    Aaaahhhhhh. I am hungry just reading your words, let alone looking at your and your friends’ pictures.

    Were you always like this, or is it something about that English transormation?

    [I cannot picture myself making whatever the local Felixstowe delight is, but one never knows …]

    Cheers xxoo from Sydney

  8. 2 crumbles, 3 cobblers AND a pie. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It’s a good thing you walk and run so much. It’s why I walk so much…because I love to eat. We have blackberries in abundance here too. Can’t wait for August!!!

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