Round The World – Tickets For Two

We are pretty busy around here sorting out details for an eight week-long trip we have coming up. It involves two Round the World tickets, two backpacks, and two people with a passion for adventure. We will be in four countries during that time, but will spend most of it traveling in one country in particular. I am thrilled to bits to have an opportunity to go on such a lengthy journey with John and will be blogging about it as we go. Can you guess where we are headed … or do you need more clues?

As we will be gone for two months, we have been firming up house sitting details (my biggest worry) and are now just down to packing, cleaning, and prepping the house for the folks who will be watching over our home. It is never easy to have people in when you’re not, but at least our house sitters are family. After reading Donna Freedman’s post about house sitters yesterday, I hope that having family versus a friend of a friend as she has had in the past will make for a better return experience for us.

I am off now to read more of Carolyn Barnabo’s thirteen ‘Passion for Travel’ posts which have just the kind of information one needs when taking a trip like the one we have planned.

There will be loads of great photo opportunities over the next two months and if you feel like joining us on our travel adventure, be sure to stop by from time to time and see some of what we’ll be seeing.

19 thoughts on “Round The World – Tickets For Two

  1. Sounds brilliant fun, more clues please ๐Ÿ™‚

    I went apartment and cat sitting for a lady in Paris who I had only met once .. Elizabeth is a friend of Leesas, met her when I met Carolyn and Kim back in April 2009 .. now a friend of mine too!

  2. How wonderful :~) Have a most great trip…and good luck with the house-sitters. My Man and I house-sit for friends and family fairly regularly. My most hair raising time was a fortnight looking after our friends’ willow business in the busiest part of the season, (they had to go for family reasons), and their sheep decided to lamb in that time too, so I was getting up several times a night to check on progress. That was one time I was glad when they came back!

    Looking forward to seeing where you will be blogging from!

  3. Thanks for the link love. What a fantastic trip you’ll have — even though I don’t know where you’re going, I know it will be great because of your adventurous spirit.
    If you do plan to be in the USA and will swing through Seattle, please let me know. I’ll buy you lunch — and you can even supersize it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    What are the dates of your journey? Still interested in doing an overnight trip to Cornwall and would love to have pub grub with you and John…


    I am so thrilled for you and John and this upcoming adventure. And I’m thrilled that we will be taken along via your blog posts. I can’t wait to see where you go!

    One tip: pack light!!!! I actually managed to spend an entire month hopping the islands off the coast of Croatia with only a small carrry on bag….really! (Of course I was also sunbathing most days!) But really…..the less you pack the more relaxed you’ll be. You can always wash out stuff along the way.

  5. Looking forward to reading of your adventures. Thanks for sharing. I spent 28 days in Germany and Austria with just a carry-on. I had a eur-rail pass for traveling around and also visited a pen pal in Berlin. Reading Abby Rand’s book – How to Get to Europe and Have a Wonderful Time was helpful! This was way back in 1981.

  6. Can’t wait to travel along with you! I’m trying to decide what 4 countries I would choose! Definitely an asian country, plus Australia or New Zealand. Maybe Italy, Spain or Greece and then maybe a South American country.

  7. I’ll just say I’d be happy to sign on as a luggage girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Good for you two for jumping on such an exciting adventure and I look forward to keeping up with all your posts to come!

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