Amazing Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

I can’t stop to talk for long this morning as there is so much to see, but I just had to share this photograph from yesterday. We took a short ferry ride that gave me a chance to see the city of Auckland from a distance and it was stunning from every angle. I’ll be back in a bit with more photos hopefully later today.

We’re having a great time here and I wish I could could drop more images into this post, but my online access is limited so I can only leave you with a taste for now and the promise of more to come.

7 thoughts on “Amazing Auckland

  1. i got behind on your posts, but have enjoyed getting up to date on your exciting journey. what fun!! i will look forward to anything and everything that you have to share. loved seeing the exotic birds and those bats

  2. That photos are so beautiful. Auckland is amazing!!!!!
    I only know it in winter.. so far.. next year Ill go back..

    And then Ill get to know it in spring and summer as well.. some people say in spring it´s most beautiful, others say it´s summer and I have even read that fall is the best part of the year. But well.. I know it in winter and it was great..

    Can it even become better?

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