Manly Beach – Soft Sanded Surfer Heaven


Elizabeth Harper & John Winchurch - Manly Beach, Australia

I posted the photo above on Facebook, but since not everyone has a FB account I thought I would share it here as well. I snapped this on Manly Beach when we took the ferry over from Circular Quay in Sydney. The wind was blustery that day with a storm approaching and we only had a moment to put our feet on the soft golden sand before the raindrops came to chase us off. Even though a storm was hovering just off shore while we watched, surfers were taking advantage of the waves.

Manly Beach Surfers

John Winchurch - Manly Beach, Australia

Here’s a look at Manly Beach from the other direction. There are huge trees near the beach that look like a type of pine and remind me of trees along the northwest coast of the US, but still are a bit different from any I’ve seen.

I’m typing in a coffee shop called Gloria Jean’s which has free wireless for one hour with a purchase. Free internet access is hard to find in Auckland so I have to keep things short. We’ve been paying for it in our room, but I tend to use it up too quickly as the download is limited and expensive.  Gloria Jean’s has good coffee, friendly staff, and yummy low-fat muffins, but my hour is almost up and it’s time to run off to see more of Auckland.

I will be back later to tell you about an amazing musician I met last night on Victoria Street here in Auckland. His name is Luke Hurley and you can hear and read more about him by clicking here.

His music was so good that after listening only long enough to snap a couple of photos, I paid $20 for a CD. We had a long listen back in our hotel room and loved it! Plus, I found out something very interesting in the minute or so that he paused to meet and speak with me. I’ll tell you next time when I have a minute to post.

Luke Hurley

6 thoughts on “Manly Beach – Soft Sanded Surfer Heaven

  1. Nice!

    John’s cheeks and forehead look a bit sun-kissed… better get out the aloe vera and sunscreen.

    Are you going to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb?

    We are looking forward to seeing you both as you stop in Atlanta on your round-the-world tour!


  2. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. I love the first photo of you and John on the beach. You should print out that photo and put it in a frame, on a nice shelf at home, it’s just that lovely.

    So glad you two are having a great time!

  3. Hi Elizabeth – I missed your take off but am now catching up with the big adventure. Glad all is going well – amazing bird/bat pics. Now you’re already in Auckland, this is interesting for me as I’ll be stopping there next year on the start of an amazing adventure too!

    Hope you continue to find wifi and can share your exciting trip with us. Lovely pic of you and John – you look so happy.

    Hugs from North Carolina.

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