A Little Night Entertainment From Our Village Pub

You never know what you might see on rainy night in Cornwall when you pop down to our village pub for a pint and a bit of conversation. Last night the Trigg Morris Men were in high form showcasing their talents with music, dancing, and a Mummers play. I’d studied Mummers plays also know as Miracle or Mystery plays in Theatre History classes at the University of Georgia, but this was my first time to see one performed live.

This man does a great job so be sure you watch at least a second or two of his clip. The woman you hear commenting is not me. I’m too busy trying to keep the camera steady.  It’s local woman by the name of Jo and she is playing the violin in the next clip.

The history behind this type of performance is fascinating and worth reading more about if you have the time and interest. I hope you’ll take a look here to learn more about the history and origin of the Mummers Play.

In addition to the play, we had music and sing-a-longs and dancing outside as well.

One brave soul joined the Morris dancing (he’s the one not in a costume) and yes, I think that is me you can hear giggling towards the end of the video.

You must forgive my shaky camera work. I’m new to video, but hope to do better next time.

3 thoughts on “A Little Night Entertainment From Our Village Pub

  1. okaaay…so a mummer is a dude dressed in farmer’s finery, who raps in iambic pentameter in a broad caahhhrnish accent???? JK.

    Gotta ask. What camera are you filming with? You did pretty well there.

    Must confuse the bejabbers out of maybe some Americans viewers ofyour blog – but a fitting subject to film, if I may be so bold, for someone who has just passed their Life In Britain test. (She peeled off, roaring with laughter. Ay me, is there owt sa funny as one’s own jokes?!)

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