Hanging On His Every Word

Jess loves John. Not my John, her John. Jessie is a Lurcher, a mixed breed with a fascinating history, go on, take a minute and have a look.

They’ve been together for a very long time and the grey on her muzzle seems to increase each time I see her. (Notice the guy in the middle background on the bicycle, you’ll see him again)

She really listens to John when he speaks. Maybe it has something to do with his Scottish accent or how gentle he seems to be with her. It’s also pretty amazing to watch her respond to a variety of silent hand signals he uses mainly when they hunt.

I don’t know if it’s puppy love or just good training, but she really does hang on his every word. (Check out the distance traveled by guy in background) Jess stood without moving even a twitch, waiting for the next command. She’s always very gentle with me, but John told me once that she’s a terror with the pheasants and rabbits that he likes to hunt.

He’s telling her now to look at me and I’m calling to her as well, but she only listens to him.

That’s what I’m looking for … well, without the hand gesture maybe.

They look as if they discussing the next shot in this one.

This is my favorite of the ten or so I took. I think it looks like mutual adoration.

Jessie looks as if she’s thinking that  ” just one more ” means just one more. By the time I had snapped all I thought the two of them could stand after having their walk interrupted by a dog loving woman with a camera and a desire for an impromptu photo shoot, Jess was wearing an expression that appeared to say, ” I’m over it, but if it’s what you want John then I’ll do it for you.”

Unexpected photo opportunities like this one makes keeping a camera on hand and moving a bit slower through my day worth struggling with some of the unexpended calories I was complaining about here.