Jersey Baby Girl Comes Home

Okay, so I’m not being very original with my blog name for the newest member of the family, but I thought Jersey Baby Girl would work for a while. I intend to refer to her most often as JBG for short and will likely shorten Jersey Girl’s name to JG. I hope it doesn’t get too complicated.

My friend Patrice and I were talking about this last night and how some people go their whole lives being called by a nickname. She said she grew up with a much older cousin who everyone always called Baby Sister and to this day she’s not sure what her cousin’s name really was on her birth certificate.

John’s been having all the fun (I’m so jealous) and doing a great job of taking care of Jersey Girl while her mother and baby sister were in the hospital. They both came home a few days ago and I wanted to share some of the sweet pictures John and others have taken that show what I’ve been missing.

Mom shares a moment with her Jersey Girls

I wonder what he’s thinking here …

John with both of his granddaughters.

That baby looks hungry to me.

Jersey Girl gives Boris the Bear a peek at her baby sister. The crates you see behind JBG’s head are there because they moved into their new home by the sea just before she was born.

Mom out walking with her girls.

JG clowning for the camera in a hat and shirt that John and I gave her two years ago for her birthday. She finally grew into them. My daughter Miranda would tell you that I always bought her clothes about two sizes too big when she was a little girl too. John said she came downstairs wearing the hat and shirt and announced that these were things we had given her for her fifth birthday.

I just hate missing these sweet moments. John’s been sending loads of pictures which help, but I wish I could have been there too.

John with his youngest daughter Rachel and her new little JBG.

9 thoughts on “Jersey Baby Girl Comes Home

  1. John is beaming with happiness – I can see it – but I’m sure he wishes you were there too. I know you must be aching to be there. Thank goodness for internet and digital photos right?

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You are both so lucky to have these lovely ladies in your life……you’ll be there before you know ‘Mrs Camera’! Take care, love & hugs x

    p.s. when are you expecting to get back home??

  3. It looks lovely, and so do they all. Quite a novelty to have a new sister when you are 7 as well as a new house. Hang in there, and you’ll be with them soon.

    Hugs, Mx

  4. Hi Elizabeth and John — congratulations and well done to JG’s mum, Grandpa, step-grandmother, and big sister JG — on the birth of that beautiful baby girl!

    Love the photos as always. I’m so impressed to see John’s daughter out walking with her two precious girls, and love the photos of John with JBG. (I can relate re Clive and his little granddaughter, now 7 months …)

    Elizabeth, hope you will soon return to your hubby and life in England.

    Cheers to you all and all best wishes to JBG and her family for a very happy and healthy future.

    xoxo from Sydney and Paris and Felixstowe 🙂

  5. What a cutie pie!!!! Both girls, are adorable!

    Also, you mentioned on my blog something about customs when my stuff arrives in the UK? Would really love to hear about your experience…

    And, I’m sure you’re ready to get back to John and your UK family! I will be in St. Ives in October so hopefully we can get in a visit!

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