Spinning For England

Elizabeth Back In Her Spinning Days (Note My Smaller Size)

When my husband John wants to say someone is a champion at whatever activity they are engaged in, he uses the expression “ ________ for England!”  You can fill in the blank with what ever works for you. The other day we were discussing his childhood and he said his younger brother could sleep for England when he was a kid and I thought of that this morning after my spin class.

Spin class! I know you’re probably thinking, what is Elizabeth talking about and where is she? I’m still in Atlanta with what looks like a summer here before me and while I’m doing more than just trying to diminish the extra girth gained during my halcyon days of sausage, chips and egg meals in Cornwall, getting fit has also become a priority.

While I wouldn’t exactly admit to eating for England, I have put some real effort into sampling a variety of food combinations I would have likely avoided while living in the US. Before moving to Cornwall, I generally counted fat grams like a deep-sea diver would the remaining air in her tanks, but I will admit that sometimes I strayed from the path on my own so I can’t blame it all on my move to the UK.

I found my inner baker in Cornwall as some of the folks in my village could tell you and I discovered that sharing whatever I was whipping up in the kitchen with my neighbors was better alternative than freezing it for later. Anyone with a decent sized sweet tooth can tell you that frozen cookies taste almost as good going down as those eaten hot out of oven. You just have to exercise a bit of caution so you don’t chip a tooth as you sneak a cold one on your way past the freezer.

Poor John has more than a time or two gone in search of a little home-baked goody he saw go into the deep freeze only to discover after a through search of the contents, that some cookie monster had been there before him.

Going back what I said earlier about spinning … to maintain my sanity while I am sweltering through endless days of temperatures in the high 90s, I’ve joined a local gym so I can spin on their bikes in classes designed to work the weight right off your backside and other tubby places.

So far, it’s been great!  The instructor said this morning that I was doing really well and that my body seemed to have good muscle memory. I know she meant that I had picked it back up as if I’d not been away from it for so long, but it’s actually been about seven years since I was on a spin bike with any real consistency.

Thank goodness my muscles can remember what a good workout feels like because I think I had pretty much forgotten. That said, I am loving the classes and as John might say, “ I’m spinning for England! “

And just in case you’re wondering … I’m down seven pounds so far and my cycle shoes haven’t even arrived from Cornwall yet.

6 thoughts on “Spinning For England

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I’m happy that you’ve lost seven pounds……..especially as I need to lose about 40 right now! But when will you be back in Cornwall? You must be sorely missed there…I know I miss your posts and photos from there. Hope all is well. And if the heat there in Atlanta becomes too much, you can always take a break here in Colorado, where it’s at least a little less humid.

  2. That’s so inspiring – go you! I tagged along for a spin class a time or two and found that once the lights go off in the room and I focus on the moving picture of the bike course that they project at the front of the class, I’d lose my sense of balance and start leaning off the bike (have always had a bit of an inner ear issue with such things). Needless to say, I didn’t continue the class but I have much respect for those that do it since it always made me feel like I should be in a body cast the next day – Keep on spinning for England 🙂

  3. Hi Elizabeth, I found you through the posts of the Simple Wife blog and I have been silently following you and so enjoyed your love story and transplanted life journey. We had the glorious joy of getting to go to England for 9 days and then take the Baltic Sea cruise in 2009, and I must say those 21 days were a once ina lifetime experience for my husband and I. I am cheering you on from afar in your journey and pursuit of a life worth living, and feel saddened you must be seperated from your man for so long. Congrats on your beautiful newest little Jersey girl. Your granddaughters are so lovely. Wish I could take a spin class…sounds like fun. Instead I ride around our neighborhood in So. Cal. on a darling red 3 wheeled big girl trike with a basket in back! It’s just fun, and even the grandkids love it with black mag wheels!

  4. Yeah, eating for England was how i got to the current Far Too Much Avoir du Poids state, but I’ve lost about 12 lbs also as I’ve been transplanted to USA for a little while, with only a few goes on a rowing machine to show for it. That said, I need to lose a good bit more than 40 lbs! Lots of salads have been doing it for me, plus staying with friends who have to watch their diet very carefully for health reasons. I found a city beach on the other side of the lake here with small pieces of beach glass on it – one day I spent 6 hours picking some up here and there and could barely move my calves for several days after. I guess that about sums it up – nothing in moderation!!

    I am glad you found an activity you enjoy and in particular, I am guessing that gym has blessedly cool AIR CON. I have to say I like Pam’s version of cycling outside, but once you’ve got the cycling bug and maybe the temps drop I’m sure it would feel nicer to try that ‘ll feel a bit nicer. I could row in real water and indeed walk up and down a beach whether picking up glass or not, for hours in any weather, but maybe I’m just a but daft.

    Good to see you on the ethers, and well done for exercising.

  5. I must have misunderstood an earlier post. I thought you were back in England. It must be so hard being away from John and you’re beloved Cornwall for all this time. I could never do the spinning. Those bike seats must have designed by the Marquie de Sade! But good for you!

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