Birthday Travels & Scary Castles

Double Click On The Image To Step Into The English Countryside

John and I went north last week to attend a reunion with some people he used to work with in Carlisle. Since my birthday fell during that time, we added a few days to make the long drive more fun. I’ve got about 700 photographs from the area where Beatrix Potter used to write about her friends on the farm, and I’d love to show you a few, but you’ll have wait until tomorrow when I’ve had time to sort some out for you.

We skipped over the border of England into Scotland on the 10th for my birthday and came across an 800 year-old castle that too scary to me to even go into. John wouldn’t have minded, but I had an odd feeling and was content to snap my photos from a distance. I’ll tell you what I discovered later when I researched the castle online. Here’s a photo or two so you can see what I mean about spooky.


I’m usually quite fearless when it comes to poking around ancient monuments, but some places feel less inviting than others. Although John never seems to feel this way, I’d be willing to bet that some of my readers know what I’m talking about.


8 thoughts on “Birthday Travels & Scary Castles

  1. Absolutely know the feeling…..some houses just give me a bad feeling, as if something sad happened there. Can’t wait to learn what you found out about that castle.

  2. Oh, I know what you mean about places having vibrations. Still, from the picture, I’d love to have gone inside and looked around if I were brave enough. There’s something so interesting to me about living history. I’m envious of your adventures.

  3. When i used to work late in the Big Company, I often walked out to my car in pretty dark conditions. It was my home town, pretty small, and I practicallylived there. But some days, for reasons I could not fathom and with no external trigger that I was aware of, I got a really bad feeling about it and got the security folks to escort me out to my jalopy. I think following your instincts is a good thing.

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