Hermitage Castle – Bordering On Trouble

I wanted to show you more pictures of the Scottish castle John and I saw last Saturday and I even found some excellent inside shots of Hermitage Castle on Flickr since I was too chicken to go in for a look. If you read my post yesterday, you’ll remember I got an uneasy feeling so I only photographed the exterior.

After doing a bit of research, I found that Hermitage Castle had a bloody history and some famous associations. Mary, Queen of Scots made a daring visit to Hermitage to see the man who would become her third husband while she was still married to her second one. This led to a good bit of gossip even though the two hours she spent with the Earl of Bothwall were well chaperoned.

The castle’s border location between England and Scotland made it a target for the Border Reivers and it became known as ‘The guardhouse of the bloodiest valley in Britain.’

I took the quote below from the Historic Scotland website and it gives a brief overview as to why Hermitage Castle gives off such scary energy.

‘Hermitage, in deepest Liddesdale, is a lonely spot. The feeling of foreboding is heightened by the presence of the awesome castle ruin. It has inspired colourful local legends – of the wicked Lord Soules and of a giant Englishman with impregnable armour who drowned in the nearby Hermitage Water. In truth, though, Hermitage has no need of myths. It has a history of torture, treason – and romantic trysts – sufficient for a host of castles.’

  The castle sits along a river that you can see in the shot above.

A woman with a dog is going into the entrance of the castle. It’s not as large a doorway as I would have expected especially with castle walls high enough to have held five or more floors. (Double click on any to enlarge)

The ruins of a chapel nearby.

These last two photos have nothing to do with the castle, but I thought you might find them interesting. I took them in Carlisle Cathedral. I was trying to shoot the window you see in the distance and when I downloaded my images, I was surprised to see the white shapes against the pillar.

I didn’t see them when I was taking the photographs. Things looked dark through the camera and I was worried these two shots would be worthless since I was shooting without a flash and really needed more light.

I don’t think it’s a reflection as there was no flash or window light and I’m stumped. Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Hermitage Castle – Bordering On Trouble

  1. I know what you mean about places having a foreboding air. I visited a ruined castle years ago in England and got a real charge out of it, then a few days later I visited a more “touristy” castle and was just disgusted because it was like one big gift shop.

    I think the light against the pillar is some bit of sunlight filtering in through somewhere, or possibly a ghost. I have seen ghosts. I totally believe in them.

  2. I loved the picture of the castle with the woman and dog, it gave a great sense of proportion. The castle looks romantic as well as very goth and brooding. Is it just a ruin now or do people live there?

  3. wow… what a place! My favourite secret castle is Rosslyn. Everyone dashes to the chapel (thanks to the da vini code), but very few even realise there is a castle in the woods.

    I took photos last year around … august? Can’t remember now. :-\ I know it was around my birthday so I’m betting August.

    How are you? BTW. i’m so behind on reading blogs it is unreal!

    I have an idea for a photo challenge. I’ll be posting that later this week, def before end of Sept. So… please check my blog and remind me to come tag you if you hear nothing by then… my brain’s fluff!

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