How Can She Be 24

It hardly seems possible that 24 years have passed since I heard multiple voices saying the words 8:03 and after calling time of birth, they formally introduced my daughter with the words, “It’s a girl! ” Not having had an ultrasound I knew intuitively I was a carrying a girl in the first few weeks of my pregnancy and their confirmation made me smile.

With so much geographic space separating us, I tend to look for ways to feel connected. One thing that helps is keeping the clock on my computer set to the same time my daughter sees in America. It’s silly, but it makes me feel a bit closer to her in a way and makes the distance between feel us smaller than the ocean between our two countries. A few hours ago I watched as her local time rolled over to 8:03 making her well and truly, 24.

I hate not being there to celebrate with her. We saw each other for an iChat this morning and I did a little singing, but I wish I could give her a big hug. This makes the fourth year I’ve had to write about missing Miranda and it doesn’t get any easier. I have three previously written birthday posts complete with photos which can be found here and here. They’re kind of mushy so be prepared.



8 thoughts on “How Can She Be 24

  1. Happy birthday to your “little girl”.. yep you do wonder how they can be that age 🙂 I think that each time my boys have a birthday… and they are 28 and 36… YES !! they are that OLD.

  2. Miranda is a very lucky young woman. She has a Mother who is still living to give her those mushy words, and I can assure you she is delighted and very proud to call you Mother.

    I still have MY Mother and delighted when even we disagree ….

    Happy Birthday to you both – as that is a day of JOY for you both – a Celebration of 24 years of Love.

  3. Oh, Elizabeth! How well I can relate to this! Unlike you, I’m fortunate enough to live just three minutes away from my daughter and my family. But, when she turned 34 in April, I couldn’t get my heart around it!

    Also like you, in the days before ultrasound, I knew I was carrying a girl and when she was born, I was overjoyed. Now she shares the feeling because she has a 4-year old daughter.

    Life is good!

  4. When I was younger, I traveled quite a bit, and often my Mom didn’t know exactly where I was, and had no way to contact me. So we both made a habit of looking for the constellation Orion. I could gaze at those stars and have a chat with my Mom, and she could also, with me. We even believed that there could be times when we were looking at the same time…hey…it could happen. Even after I settled down we continued the practice. And now that she is gone, I still look for Orion whenever I miss my Mom and want to have a chat with her.

    (We chose Orion because it was an easy constellation to recongnize. We came to find out, it was a good choice because it was often, easily seen by both of us…even at times when I was in the southern hemishere).

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