Missing My Girl At Christmas

Miranda, Asda, ComedyI knew it would be hard to live so far from my daughter when I moved to the UK and I knew there would be times when it would be more difficult, but must the Universe feel compelled to send me constant reminders at Christmas!

There’s a comedian here in the UK who shares my daughter’s name and this holiday season there seem to be television commercials and signs for her everywhere. It makes me want to shout, ‘Enough!’

My Miranda is never far from my thoughts. I generally have a photograph of her as my screen saver on my laptop and images and reminders of her are scattered throughout the house as well.

I won’t bore you with all of them, but some of my favorites are in the photos below. They’re mostly a few quick snaps from this morning taken in a way to avoid the dust and pre-Christmas mess so be advised they’re not my best work.

This photo was taken by my brother-in-law, Leon when Miranda was not much more than one. It’s the first thing I see when I walk into my studio space.

I had this copy of one of my favorite pictures of me with Miranda put on canvas last summer. It was pre-digital and the best copy I could find so it could not be reproduced any larger and keep the sharpness. I love seeing this when I do my hair and makeup in front of the mirror in the hall of my studio.

I have a more recent of photo of Miranda on my desktop, but I try not to put any taken too recently on the blog to give her a smidge of privacy. She was in a friend’s wedding last month and looked so pretty in her role as maid of honor that I wanted to post it, but not without discussing it first.

She made this when she was in pre-school or kindergarten and it sits in an old piece of furniture I rescued years ago from a barn on my grandmother’s property.

I keep a dresser tucked behind the sliding glass doors in my studio that house my closet or wardrobe as they would call it here. ( More can be seen in this post )

It’s here that I keep a few bowls that Miranda made me when she was a little girl and there are some cards from her and photos as well.

The puppy pic is her precious boy and the picture below is from our mother-daughter camp days.

 These dusty images are next to the bed and the bookmark is one she gave me about five years ago.

This was from a Christmas photo taken in 2009. It was my only other Christmas without her and I used a big bowl she painted when she was young to give us an angel in the dining area here. The ornament was only there for the holiday.

Angel Bowl I went through a big angel phase about twelve years ago and Miranda really made me smile when she made this gift for me.

I like to keep a favorite photo of Miranda in the kitchen and I see it every time I come into the house as we almost always enter through the kitchen door.

She’s twelve in this photo taken in Paris when we went for the Millennium New Year in 2000.

Finally, here’s a shot from when I tried to grow Sweet-Peas in the back garden because it was my nickname for her when she was a baby. I need to add that I’m not known for my gardening skills and my poor plants did not flourish or even sprout.

Miranda’s work keeps her too busy to visit during the month of December and she has little time for much else until January. I think next year I may suggest that I fly to see her in January and so we can celebrate Christmas on January 6th, the original date for early Christians.

Anyone else out there having to get creative about how they see family during holiday celebrations?  

7 thoughts on “Missing My Girl At Christmas

  1. Wonderful post and photos, Elizabeth. I hear you and relate so much, having had two Christmases thus far on the other side of the world from my son (he’s in England now though, so this year I am blessed). I know this is part of being a global family and that we won’t always be able to share the holiday(s) but I also know how you must be feeling right now — especially with ‘Miranda’ all over the UK!

    Take care of yourself and hang in there – cheers and happy Christmas to you and John.

  2. Absolutely beautiful post and so touching how you’ve kept treasures over the years of special meaning to you from your daughter. I understand how hard it is and send you a virtual hug & hope you can at least enjoy a special chat on the phone or Skype. I am fortunate this year to be spending my first Christmas in over ten years with my folks. Hugs & understanding, Sarah x

  3. I’m sorry you can’t all be together. I was actually thinking about you and Miranda the other day, wondering how I’d react if my mum relocated somewhere far away for love. I guess I’d try to be happy for her but I’d miss her so much. Even having her and hour or so away is hard sometimes. Sarah is right though, at least we live in a great technologically advanced world now where communication happens at the drop of a hat. Nothing quite like a real hug though, is there?

  4. as long as you are in each others hearts then that’s all matters. Hope you and John have a great christmas, you are never far from my thoughts x x x x

  5. If there was any wondering that your love for your daughter was at any point even the teensiest bit over shadowed with your new love in the UK – let all minds be put at rest on that count!

    I see there are family pics all over the house – how nice. I hope skype helps to you to miss Miranda a little less on the day.

    Hugs from up the counrty, M

  6. Aww…Now I want to give both of y’all a hug. What wonderful photos and memories. Thank you for sharing….Merry Christmas to you all.

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