Sublime Doughnuts Voted Best Bakery In America – Is World Doughnut Domination Next For Kamal Grant?

Chef Kamal Grant - Owner Of Sublime Doughnuts

Last summer I spent a few extra months in Atlanta trying to sell my house. Due to the huge slump in the housing market, I did not find a buyer. I did however discover a special bakery only two blocks away.

I wrote about my Sublime Doughnuts experience after meeting with my friend Kimberly Krautter to sample a selection of the yummy and unusually named doughnut treats. You can read more about my sweet send off last summer and Kamal Grant’s recent Best Bakery in America award, but you do so at your own risk.

Don’t say I didn’t warn because you’re going to have a craving that might be impossible to satisfy … at least until you get a chance to bite into one of these lovelies.

Elizabeth Harper, Kamal Grant, & Kimberly Krautter at Sublime Doughnuts in Atlanta Georgia

After reading about the recent opening of a Sublime Doughnuts in Bangkok, Thailand, I’ve decided that it might be a good time to make my  move if I want to try to bring a Sublime Doughnuts franchise to Cornwall.

Hmm … I wonder how Brits feel about doughnuts?

4 thoughts on “Sublime Doughnuts Voted Best Bakery In America – Is World Doughnut Domination Next For Kamal Grant?

  1. The doughnuts at Tesco were weird, I thought, leaving an ashy aftertaste. But I did notice a Krispy Kreme kiosk inside the Tesco Metro near my hostel, so maybe the UK is ready for a more Sublime experience.

  2. Keep us up to date Elizabeth. My wife and I will be in Cornwall Port Isaac in July. Fifth season of Doc Martin just started a few weeks ago on PBS, so looking forward to our visit, and maybe a taste of home with some donuts!

    • Scott, if anything comes of the doughnut possibility I will certainly be blogging about it. We need more small business opportunities here and something new and unusual might be very successful. July will be a bit soon to get a good doughnut in Cornwall, but John and I could meet up with you and your wife for a pint in Port Isaac when you’re here.

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