Ground Control – We Have A Problem


Sometimes life offers you so many choices you may have trouble deciding which one thing is the very best. I wanted to use one of my images from the other day for a blog post, but in trying to decide…well, I couldn’t. So went to John and asked him which one he preferred and he quickly pointed out the first one you see above. Still not completely satisfied, I then considered what was it exactly that I wanted to say this morning and which image might best suit the direction of my thoughts. This didn’t help either because each photograph has something about it that makes me think of how it might illustrate a variety of topics and even though the images seem very similar, I see a different image to topic “match”  for each one of them.

So that’s when I decided that the real topic for today is not about which photograph to use, but rather how my indecision and desire to do everything ” just right” creates an ugly scenario where little gets done. People talk a lot about having writer’s block which I always thought of as a problem grounded in a lack of words or ideas, but perhaps indecision can be a blockage of sorts too.

It’s days like this when I feel as if I need an air traffic controller to help me keep my ideas organized and moving forward in an on time manner so that while one project is say, taxiing to Concourse A and arriving at Gate 10, projects 2 and 3 can be circling and landing in an orderly fashion. To illustrate my indecision, what you get today is all the images. If you have any tips I can pass on to ground control, please leave them in the comment section.





13 thoughts on “Ground Control – We Have A Problem

  1. Wow, you should be a professional photographer. Those photos are gallery worthy and just incredible.

    In the Spring, I had terrible writer’s block and just as with you, it wasn’t for a lack of words. Too much stuff cluttering up my head. I pushed away from the computer where I was spending an inordinate amount of time and then went out into nature and walked and sat and just let myself be peaceful and thankful and get my priorities straight. I don’t know if that will help you or not.

  2. What a great post today. I so know what you mean where little gets done because of indecision and the desire to do everything “just right” I have been thinking of why we (i.e me) are saddled with perfectionism. Where does that come from???
    Beautiful photos, I love the second one. The flower is a dancer in it and the bee, her accessory.

  3. I know just what you mean. And i love the metaphor of the air traffic controller – avoiding the same ugly scenario in my head would be a blessing indeed. I followed your comment at Chookooloonks today to find my way here. Wow! You have a lovely site, and i look forward to more visits.

  4. well these are all great images for sure. i would have had a hard time deciding too. But i am in constant struggle of what you speak of and not just every once in a while, almost always. indecision is most definitely is a blockage and it gets in my way frequently. in fact just recently (last weekend) i went through the same struggles with deciding on which of my still life arrangements i liked best to paint from. i finally started painting one but now i think i want to paint the other. oh well.

    by the way did you ever make ‘a little china man sitting down eating cantaloupe’ out of those flowers when you were a little girl? my mom taught me how.

  5. Hello, again. Thank you for the visit, the lovely comments, and the introduction to Benjamin. Wow. What a wonderful community this is/can be. Your comment about my name made my day. Truly!

    I spent more time than i ought to have at Benjamin’s site: yes, lovely, multi-talented, amazing. I’m in awe. Particularly when i got to the Mister Rogers & Me movie trailer. Mister Rogers is my hero, also. Thank you.

    Also, your photography? Lovely!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics!!
    I am AWFUL at decisions, incredibly so. Kyla has taken after me, and Mum says it’s like watching me all over again.

    Perhaps take a break from it all…

  7. My favorite is actually the last, love the color and DOF. But boy, can I identify with today’s topic, it’s pretty much the story of my life. Too many people living inside of me, all wanting different things and only occasionally does one step up and put their foot down! I love your analogy of the air traffic controller, it’s perfect! And your indecision today created a beautifully inspiring post 🙂 Kxo

  8. I couldn’t possibly offer you advice. I am one of the most indecisive people you could meet. I waste an awful lot of time dithering over making decisions.

    Have only recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it…particularly the photos…they are amazing!

  9. wow. just wow on the images. My advice, as a fellow indecisioner, is to just do one small thing…anything in any direction, just one small thing. It helps with momentum, but it also clears your mind a bit.

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