Stalking The Beast Of North Cornwall-Part II

Going back again to the sloping Cornish coastline, I am making good on my promise to show you what I discovered attached to the other end of the big horn.

First … I try to sneak up on them.

Oops … Did they hear me coming?  I think I heard one of them saying,” Isn’t it a bit early for the tourists ? “

” Tourists … that one in the bushes with the camera has paparazzi written all over her and did you see that bearded guy with the video camera? ”  ” Sheesh, March is just a bit early to have to start pretending we don’t see them. ”

After taking more photographs than you would want to see of wild goats, I have a few more of our walk from Strangles Beach to Crackington Haven to share with you. Crackington Haven is the beach you see in the distance.

John is sitting in a perfect spot for enjoying the beach and a view of the cliffs.

Here you see John trying to take a short cut to the beach, but after it got a bit dangerous, he turned back and climbed up the cliff to find a safer way down. Once we were back on the path, we saw the sign below.

It says, Danger Unstable Cliff.

The rocks on this beach are amazing and there is a great deal written about the geology of the area.

I really wanted to slip this rock with a V in my pocket.

This striped one was really hard (no pun intended) to leave behind too.

I do read directions sometimes though … and even follow them.

I mean look at all these rocks … would anyone really miss one or two? As much as I wanted the two above, I took only photographs and left the rocks behind on the beach.

8 thoughts on “Stalking The Beast Of North Cornwall-Part II

  1. It was intriguing to hear your struggle over not taking those beautiful rocks. I have wondered for years why I feel the need to take something with me when I visit a place, whether it’s rocks or flowers or seashells or whatever. Sure, they trigger memories later, but, for me, more times than not, they are shoved in a drawer or the back of a closet. –beautiful pictures

  2. As always your photos are amazingly beautiful. I was sort of disappointed that the beast was just a goat. I had my hopes up for something bizarre. By the way, I do not think I could have resisted the V rock. You are a strong woman.

  3. Truly breathtaking scenery and photos! I was lucky enough to visit Cornwall on a British tour about 8 years ago, and loved it. Like you, I am a collector of beach stones, and would have been very tempted by these. I have collected a lot of stones from the shores of Lake Michigan — so many that I have been able to use them as a “river bed” in my Japanese garden at home! (We’re allowed to take stones from the beach…) 🙂

  4. I read your comments on the Vision and Verb blog under Downsizing the Elephant in the Room and came to visit. I left everything I had in Paris to move to the US but I was very young and did not have much, or knew much. I think it would be hard now to leave everything again and move – although I wish I could (go back to Paris that is.) Your pictures are so lovely. I do not know the area where you live but it does look extremely beautiful. I shall come back to read more of your blog.

  5. I loved the rocks am glad I didn’t find myself having to make that choice. I know the right thing to do would be to leave the rock behind…unless your name began with V and then clearly the rules wouldn’t count…!

  6. Oh to be in England now that Spring is almost there! The beaches of Cornwall and Devon are so amazingly beautiful, and as the goats say, especially before the tourists arrive. I want to come home!!

  7. If each person who visits takes away “just one or two”
    soon there would be no more rocks on the beach.

    As someone mentioned, they often get shoved away, or become part of something else where fewer folks are able to see them.

    There’s a park beach in Wisconsin with the same warning. It’s a good one.

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