Feeling Puny

In the American South, where I spent much of my life, to describe one’s self as ‘feeling puny’ meant you were sick or ill in some way and not your usual self. That’s me today, feeling puny even after sleeping eight hours and having had a nap the day before. I have so much I wanted to do today, but with a throat that feels as if it’s on fire and an overall unwell feeling, I think I’ll just go back to bed … at least for a few hours.

For the record, that’s not my bed in the photo above. It belonged to the master of the house at Lanhydrock. Although it does look inviting, I rather be snug in my cozy bed below. I may be back later today with a book review I’ve been working on, or I may not. I hope your Saturday is more productive than mine appears it’s going to be …and Donna, if you’re reading this, ‘ Thanks for the hostess gift. ‘

Seriously, I do hope she’s feeling better. After leaving us on Thursday, she began to feel ill by the time she made it back to London and according to an email, she felt even sicker on Friday. Being ill away from home makes it much worse and I’m grateful for my warm bed and my sweet husband who’s close enough to check on me now and then.

By the way, the online dictionary I use does not define puny as having anything to do with feeling ill so I’m guessing it’s just a southern thing.

9 thoughts on “Feeling Puny

  1. I was raised in Wisconsin, not the south, but I knew what you meant. One of the descriptions I looked at online said “weak,” so I think your use fits. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    We had a recreation basement room full of about 50 teenagers (the cast) after the high school musical last night, so all I can say is thank goodness for hearing aids that can be removed.

  2. Feel better soon. You are being productive if you sleep the day away in order to get healthy, as far as I am concerned.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I’d like to prescribe an old ‘southern’ remedy that we enjoy when feeling ‘puny’.

    Brew a nice strong cup of black tea, add a dollop of Macallan’s single malt scotch, a dollop of honey, and a squeeze of lemon. Repeat as necessary. You’ll feel warm and toasty.

  4. By “hostess gift” I hope you meant the instant grits, not the sore throat/unwell thing…I just had an e-mail from a friend in Alaska who has the same crud, so it must be winging its way around the globe via intercontinental air travel.
    Feel better. Eat grits.

    • Donna ~ I was going to come back and mention the much appreciated hostess gift of grits you brought from the US for me, but I haven’t felt well enough to bother with my computer. I’m heading back to bed after I have a cup of tea. I hope you’ve recovered enough to enjoy your last days in London. 🙂

  5. Born in North Carolina – Lived in Virginia some – but now in Florida — I know PUNY!!! … Been there too many times – with others mentioned same as well. It should be in dictionary~!

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