Why My Camera Is Not Good For My Health

I probably won’t need to explain the title of this post once you see the photos from yesterday taken during what was supposed to be a brisk walk for my health. With friends my age having knee surgeries and long recoveries, I’ve been forced to pay attention to my own aches and pains instead of trying to medicate (acetaminophen) them away and denial is no longer a practical solution either.

Since I can no longer disregard my aging, overused, knees, and hips, walking has taken the place of running these days. Speed seems to be my biggest issue as I can’t seem to move fast enough to affect my cardiovascular system.

I’ve not really slowed down that much in shifting from running to walking as I was never the fastest runner in any race, but walking makes it easier to see my surroundings which makes me want to pause for a photo more often than is good for me. A brisk walk becomes a stroll and before you know it, all I have is a photo essay of my walk and a need for larger trousers.

I thought someone should get something out of it my ” exercise program ” so I’m sharing a few photos of my distractions from yesterday.

A walk though these woods in any season has the feel of a cathedral and I am always in awe of the changing light.

A few steps farther along the same path on the way to the buttercup field. Notice how the path forks just up ahead.

No need to explain these lovelies.

The photo above is the area that John and I refer to fondly as the buttercup field. I know it looks pretty ordinary now, but it will be a stunning field of gold by May.

This is just a peek over a hedge at the trees below waiting to shake off the last bits of their winter look.

I never seem to capture how lovely these stone steps really look. I work with angle and exposure over and over, but I am never satisfied and wish I could walk you to this place to show you what I mean.

I make my way back to the village green where the daffodils are in full bloom and cross down to the churchyard to see what kind of color I can find there.

Yellow flowers fill the churchyard for now, but soon they’ll be competing for a bit of grassy space with the many-colored primroses that come every spring. If you look above the church door in the top left of the photo, you can see a sundial near the arch.

This sundial may seem old with a date of 1780, but there are other dates around the churchyard and inside the church that are actually much older.

I’ve taken this shot before as some of you may remember from older posts. It requires getting into a prone position to get the right angle and after all my exertion from my big ” workout ” I was tempted to have a little snooze in the sun. I did consider that finding me lying prone in the churchyard surrounded by flowers might be a bit disconcerting for someone passing by.

My friend Patrice is the latest in my Atlanta circle requiring knee surgery and if you’d think a good thought for her recovery, I’m sure she’d be grateful. Ironically she was demonstrating the proper way to run to a patient of hers when her knee went. Patrice and I ran the Marine Corps Marathon together in Washington D.C. in 2007. Given our aging joints, I have a strong feeling that may be the last big run for both of us.

17 thoughts on “Why My Camera Is Not Good For My Health

  1. Love the photos! I want to visit you someday anyway, but the pictures you post make me want to visit you in your village in particular.

    Walking has always been something I love to do. You are right that it isn’t quite the cardiovascular workout that running is, but I find that, unlike running, walking provided a brain workout, too. It is my meditation time. Talking to a friend is great, but my best conversations with myself have been while taking long walks. I feel very connected to myself, but as you also pointed out, I can take everything in around me.

  2. Love the photos. I would love to walk there. And remember, any walking is good, even if it is a stroll. Sending healing vibes to your friend.


  3. i long to go on that walk with you so you can show me just how much more beautiful those moss covered steps are and to sit and talk and watch as the shadow on the sundial fades.
    i can see why your speed walk turns to a stroll – so much beauty to pass by without stopping for a closer, longer look.
    thanks for sharing your beauty.

  4. Beautiful photos. We (Suzanne and I) are coming down for a long weekend in the summer, it would be great if you were around to hook up, I’ll mail you the dates. x

  5. What a pleasure it is to walk with you!! Your images are so lovely and so deep that I jump right in and for a few moments I find myself really there. Delightful! Thank you for sharing your special places, and thanks for the link to your Fields of Gold, Feb09 post – I’ve read it before, but it is so nice to read it again!

  6. Your gain is our gain…

    Sorry, very bad joke. I do love the photos, but can see how that doesn’t lend itself to a walk that helps you break a sweat. Maybe carrying a 50 pound pack? Though that wouldn’t be good for your knees… Bummer.

  7. Thank you for sharing all the beauty of your walk. I too try to walk for exercise but now with two dogs that don’t listen very well (my fault of course) I am finding I walk less. I think I will leave the dogs at home and take my camera instead.

    Atlanta has been beautiful this week. Hopefully, our spring will last a little while this year.

  8. Thanks for the well wishes request. I appreciate all prayers, good karma and positive thoughts sent into universe. Running the marathon has motivated me to “stay the course” on many things. My memories of that day are of you ahead is me, running backwards, cheering me on. Guess I am more like the tortuse than the hare.

  9. I just LOVE the path to the buttercup field…it’s so incredible. It makes me want to walk it every day.

    I’m going to be in St. Ives in October — maybe I will have to come down and walk it!

  10. What great photo’s you have there, I bet you have a lot by now.
    I too have an interest in photograghy and you captured some of them just right, however go back as dawn is breacking or during the sunset and you’ll get some amazing colours to go with these great shots. I keep telling the younger lads at work about looking after there backs and knees, but I might as well talk to the wall for all the notice they take. They just think that they are invicible, I think I did at there ages too, But I wont admit to that.
    Kind regards.
    Tony Sanders.

  11. Awesome, I especialy love the first two, but they are all very emotive especialy as these are places from my childhood

  12. The images were so beautiful, they make me miss home. (I was born in Wales and then lived in Oxfordshire for most of my life, now I’m across the pond in Virginia, USA).

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