Saying No To Pork Pies And Other Meaty Topics

John Thinking Of A Roast Pork Dinner

Let me begin by saying that while I am not a vegetarian, I do tend to eat far less meat than most people I know, and will usually order a non-meat dish when having a meal out. I don’t mind chicken so much if I don’t have to cook it first, but if I have to handle raw meat, I struggle to get it down later. I think I’m best described as someone who likes to pretend that meat is grown in the garden along side the cauliflower and the peas. (two of my least favorite veggies)

There are some generous people in our village who like to share their wealth when it comes to a good hunting day and one man in particular who frequently offers me fresh rabbit and pheasant for the ‘ soup pot. ‘  I always decline politely and he must think me an odd one passing up fresh game. Even if he gave it to me cleaned of fur or feathers, I know I would not be able to manage a bite.

I even have trouble with the smell of some meats as they cook and John very courteously closes the kitchen door when he has a taste for one of the cute creatures below. Cuteness can have an impact on my digestive capabilities and I would not be able to get past the memory of the pink eared smiling lamb pictured below. John always jokes about mint sauce when I linger on a walk to photograph sheep, but we both know it’s not really a joke to him.

Smiling Sheep (Click Twice To Enlarge)

Last night we had some sausages made by a neighbor who provided regular Facebook updates on her growing piggies from point of purchase as piglets, to turning them into sausages for the skillet. John bought some not long ago and last night cooked them for dinner in a chili/veggie/ pasta stir-fry.

While it was a tasty meal, I ended up pushing most of the meat to the side. I knew too much about those pigs and could not pretend that I was eating something other than what it was. I do sometimes enjoy sausages with eggs, but I don’t like to cook them myself and they must be over-cooked to the point of being crunchy.

The photos below are not the pigs I mentioned earlier, but I can’t help but think of these porkers when considering a bacon butty or a pork pie for lunch.

A mama pig with her piglets.

I know these are hardly in the same cute category as the lambs, but look at those eyelashes … who knew pigs had eye lashes for pete’s sake! I feel a distinct hiatus from meat coming on.

7 thoughts on “Saying No To Pork Pies And Other Meaty Topics

  1. At least you know the source and you know it’s fresh.
    When I get my own place I’d like to raise a couple chickens. Eventually they will be too old to lay eggs. That’s why I’ve already named them: Regular and Extra-Crispy.

  2. I am sorta the same way. I cannot eat anything CUTE – no lamb, deer, or rabbit. I can happily eat fried alligator at Pappadeaux. Chickens and cows are not cute or cuddly, and fish have no personality whatsoever, so I am happy to eat those…

  3. I gave up meat about three years ago (I still eat fish) but it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I felt my body change, I felt my health change, and I felt my perspective change.

    I’ve never been preachy about it and I really don’t discuss it, but, overall everything improved. I dropped 20 lbs and I’ve never felt better. I think giving up something that significant is a big decision and it’s not an easy one (at least it wasn’t for me), but I would be interested to hear what you decide.

    My husband is still a meat eater but he noticed when we switched to vegetarian (i.e. if I was cooking it was veggie, and I’m the main cook in the house) that he always felt better after eating what I made. Further, he’s dropped down to eating mostly vegetarian because he continues to feel lighter and more energized. He still tucks into a Sunday roast once in awhile but we’ve both seen significant benefits from giving up meat.

    Vegetarian Times is a great (nonpreachy) magazine with wonderful recipes. I really like that it’s not preachy because I don’t want to be scolded by either vegetarians or meat eaters. I love it when people respect our decisions about food and encourage us along the way.

    Your animal pals are pretty cute, I must say!!

  4. During college I stopped eating red meat. It made me feel heavy and a bit ill. However, when I started dating a Korean man, even that bit of vegetarianism became hard to maintain. I still can’t eat a steak, but sad to say, I’m happy to eat most other meats. I think I had to shut down the part of me that used to get grossed out or empathize with the food when I started cooking with my MIL. Cutting up squid and eating whole fish using chopsticks to pull off the flesh meant that I had to shut it down or be extremely rude.

    I’m glad that John sympathizes with your sentiment. He seems like such a great guy.

    I love the twisted willow story from your previous post!

  5. I was so happy when we stopped eating most meat for health reasons. We eat some salmon and sometimes eat meat when eating out, but YAY YAY YAY – I don’t have to cook meat anymore – my least favorite thing to cook. I love to make sourdough bread and don’t even buy bread anymore. I love the empty-nester life, but am glad to see our kids (almost 21 and 18 1/2) when they come home. That pig’s eyelashes were pretty cute.

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