42 Hours To Share What I Love About Cornwall Life

We’ve got a visitor arriving by train in a few minutes. It’s Donna Freedman, who until now has been known only to me through her blogging here and her column at MSN Money.

Lest you think she’s a total stranger aside from being blogging buddies, Donna used to work as a journalist at the Anchorage Daily News with my brother-in-law, Leon. She has an interesting history and writes about how to live well on less.

She’ll be pleased to know that the flowers in her room are from the garden and the blackberries I’ll be using in a cobbler tomorrow, are frozen from the fifteen pounds of berries I picked last summer after reading about how she freezes them for winter use.

With only 42 hours, we’ll be moving pretty quickly. I have no idea what she’d like to see as she has left that up to us. We still have a few normal commitments during those 42 hours, such as a funeral service for our neighbor, but I figure we can leave her in downtown Bodmin for an hour to explore some of my favorite charity shops or she might want to stay home and write.

She’s posting about her frugal travel experience some of which includes staying in hostels in London. Having stayed a few hostels myself, I think she’ll find our guest room a nice alternative.



10 thoughts on “42 Hours To Share What I Love About Cornwall Life

  1. Flowers look lovely. Sure she will love the place and the home cooked food. You’ll have to take her to the quiz night tomorrow

  2. She’ll have a great time I am sure. I know with the tours of Cornwall you have taken us on, I have been captivated…so I can only imagine with the actual vibrant, naturally bursting Cornwall about her she will love it. I jumped over to her site and loved her London post and added her blog to my list…she is a hoot. by the way the flowers are lovely and with you and John for company she is in for a treat.

  3. I am sure you friend will think the guest room is adorable .. the flowers are lovely 🙂 Donna will have a fab time walking around your area .. and with you to look after her too, it will be a trip to remember 🙂

  4. Sounds like her short stay with you will be a delightful one..and what fun to meet an online buddy in real life! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  5. No doubt in my mind that Donna will think the guest room is fabulous.

    You two sitting on the couch is just making me grin!!
    PLease ask John to take a pic…

    I’m packing…don’t fit anything…hates that!

    Enjoy your time together and yes, I think the quiz night is in order.


  6. What I think will happen – she will write about her wonderful visit with you.
    You certainly seem to be making her (or anyone that would visit) most Welcome in your HOME.

  7. I am so jealous, I’m spitting green. How I wish I was the one visiting you. I’ve actually spoken to Donna on the phone and she’s a lovely lady. I know you’ll have a wonderful time.

    Sigh… Yep. Spitting green.

  8. Thanks for the link love! 🙂 Have missed you. Think I may have your email address wrong?? We are hoping/planning to do the Padstow Swim in June. Is that anywhere near you? You should see about joining the press photo corps for that event. Would also appreciate any advice you can provide on the area, places to stay near the starting line, etc. Hope you can come cheer us on!! I just wrote about it here:

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