Finding Funds When Your Money Tree Has Been Cut Down

In the US, you can sometimes overhear parents telling their children that ” Money doesn’t grow on trees ” so imagine my surprise when I noticed a money tree that had been cut down and left along a walking path here in the UK.

Never having seen one before, I decided that I must have just grown up in the wrong part of the world for money trees. Judging by what you can see below, I’ll agree that it might take a while to accumulate enough for a major purchase seeing how most of the money looks like pocket change.

I’m usually just fine these days with what I have in life and grateful for the things I own. I feel fortunate on many levels, but sometimes I must admit to coveting the occasional ” want ” or some item that not really a need.

Recently I woke from a dream with a clear memory of a bicycle. It was red and retro with a perfect little basket and even in my sleep I wanted it.

Yesterday, John and I walked into a store near where we live and there it was, the bike in my dream!  Okay, it was missing the basket, but I have one already that’s been waiting for the right bike.

Given the price, it’s going to take me some time to save up my money because I have other places I need to spend it now. Plus, it’s not really a need and I’m not going to die if I don’t get it, but like a child whining for candy in the checkout line,

I waaaant it!


Hmm … I wonder if I can remember where we saw that money tree.


10 thoughts on “Finding Funds When Your Money Tree Has Been Cut Down

  1. Ha, ha, amazing tree, lovely bike and great post!

    You should link this post up with ‘The Gallery’ at ‘Sticky Fingers’ blog; the theme is ‘Trees’ this week!

  2. I know exactly how you feel and wrote a similar post this week called Friends With Money. I think you’ll relate.

    I hope you get your bike soon. I can picture you traversing the countryside on it. Hope it has a bell, too. 😉

  3. Start saving Elizabeth .. love the bike ..♥

    Yes I think I was born the wrong side too .. would love to do my house up .. but money is stopping us, and time with hubby away .. BUT I am grateful to have a house , be warm and fed .!

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