The Shadow Of Hope – Thinking Of Japan

I took this photograph two days before the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan with such devastating consequences.

The hillside in Cornwall was brown and lifeless and easy to pass by, but the shadow on the dirt wall drew me in for a closer look. As I scanned the area searching for the origin of shadow bloom, I realized that it was one from last year’s season of growth that had dried in place.

I photographed the dead husk of the flower and the shadow bloom on the wall together as I did, thinking it would be a good to use to herald the coming of spring, but now I find it a more fitting memorial for the Japanese tragedy.

In the middle of so much death and physical destruction it feels overwhelming even to me even from such a distance to see the possibility of life after recovery, and I have to wonder how the people living through it can bear the pain and loss.

I am unsure of the best way to offer support and while I can send money, I want to do more somehow, to offer something other than just an anonymous check, something more like a sympathy card.

While I cannot begin to understand the fear and heartache the people of Japan must be feeling, I do hope that somewhere they can see the memory of new life waiting in the shadows.


6 thoughts on “The Shadow Of Hope – Thinking Of Japan

  1. What a beautiful tribute. It also, reflects the shadow images burned into wall in Hiroshima Peace Park. I think that all the thoughts, love, and words that we have been sending toward Japan help in many ways. I too wish I could do more, but you have just done something very memorable and lovely. You’ve written about hope.

  2. Lovely words. Hope is what let us start over and over. As the world struggles with real tsunamies, many peoples are suffering their own life’s tsunamies. When I see the faces of all those people in Japan struggling to survive and keeping up that faith and hope…I am so honored of being part of this world. We are too far to give a hug or a word or a piece of bread but we can pray, and send love and keep up the faith for them and for all of us!

  3. It’s strange, according to the news tonight ,what they most need is food. It is such a simple thing really, the government could announce drop off points and everyone could go out and buy long life food products to be flown out for as long as need be.
    The British public only needs someone in government to set it up. They would as ever rally to that cause.
    The renewal effect of the photo shows us that we only need to look more closely to see the wonder of what surrounds us.
    Tony sanders.

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